Time for some Progressive Rock from Silver Nightmares who hail from Palermo, Italy. They have released their Debut Ep 'The Wandering Angel' containg Six tracks. Here are a few of the Standout tracks. The Title track 'Wandering Angel' will have you holding onto every word from Simone Bonomo. Providing the Beautiful sound of the Keys is Gabriele Taormina. Then come's the Cool 'D.D' (Dick Dastardly) This brings the Awesome Riff master on Guitar Mimmo Garofalo.. Blowing a storm on Flute is Giulio Maddaloni. 'Light Years Away' is another Great track. Providing the Beat of the Drums is Alessio Maddaloni. 'David The King' Is a Musical Journey. Bringing the Power of the Bass is Gabriele Esposito with Guitarist Tody Nusso with the finger tingerling Riffs. This is a really Enjoyable Release. What a Debut.

Vocals...Smone Bonomo

Guitar...Mimmo Garofalo

Bass...Gabriele Esposito

Vocals...Michele Vitrano (Light Years Away)

Drums...Alessio Maddaloni

Guitar Tody Nuzzo

Flute...Giulio Maddaloni

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