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Rock Band Sleazy Town who hail from Paris, France. They have released a Double Album 'Unfinished Business 1 & 2' Here are a few stand out tracks from Disc 1. Opener 'Machine Gun Rodeo' This track comes with some Punk attitude. This will have you punching the air. 'Mystic Religion' This is one Hell of a catchy tune. 'Set My Heart On You' This is a Rockin Ballad. 'No Chains Around Me' This is another Top tune. 'Riding On The Hell track' will have you reaching for your Air Guitar. Amazing Riff Fest. 'One Night Of Anger' this is a true Rocker of a track. e That brings us to track Two. Opener 'Six Minutes Before I Go' Just grabs you by the scruff of the neck and says let Rock the Fuck out. Another Gem of a track. 'To Late To Remake' & 'Rock & Roll Atom' Are a Blast. 'Downtown Queen' is another Catchy tune. 'Insane Call For Love' and the Final track 'Silent Whispering' will have you singing till the end. WoW 24 Track of pure Rock & Roll and they still leave you wanting more. What an Album, What a Band.

Vocals...Andy Dean

Guitar...Jj Jaxx


Drums...Julian Flynn


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