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Suckerpunch are a Pop Punk Band who hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.. They have released a New Video and Single 'Game Time' Cool catchy track. Frederic Thuot as a great voice, sure to have you singing along. Looks like they had a lot of fun making the Video as well. These guys have been busy they have released a number of Singles but are yet to release a Album. Here are a few of the Standout Singles. They do a Brilliant Cover of 'Barbie Girl' (Yes 'Barbie Girl') Top Cover. 'Nightcalls' Another catchy tune. 'Hollywood Ending' Could be the Suckerpunch Anthem Great track that will grab everybody. Keep an eye out for these guys.

Vocals...Frederic Thuot

Guitar...Romain Prugne

Bass...Jonathan Dubreuil

Guitar...Thierry Martineau

Synths/Drums...Antoine Felix Rochette

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