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Blues Rock Band Sun House who hail from London, England. They are a Duo who like to Rock. Ripping it up with the Amazing Riffs on Guitar is Jamie Ellis The Man with the Beat to keep the Body moving on Drums is Cam Meek. These guys pump out the music and invite Guest singers to bring the magic. They have released a Couple of new tracks.

Track 1 'Never Be Lonely' This will have the feet tapping away from the off. They have released a Lyrical Video for this track so you can singalong with Guest Vocalist Jason Lee Barratt (j Lee and The Hoodoo Skulls). Awesome track.

Track 2 'Fly Bird' This will have you reaching for the Air Guitar WoW them Riffs. With the soaring Vocals is Guest Vocalist Tomas Baptista (What a Voice) Catchy tune that will have you dancing away. With a Beat to move the Feet,

Two Excellent tracks that will leave you wanting more.

Guitar...Jamie Ellis

Drums...Cam Meek

Guest Vocals

Jason Lee Barratt...Never Be Lonely

Tomas Baptista...Fly Bird


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