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Time for some Melodic Power Metal with Tales And Lagends who hail from Italy. They have released a New Lyrical Video 'Epic Ride Of Horus' If you Love your Power Metal your going to Love this. Blazing Riffs coming the way of Carlo Figus on Guitars. Turning on the Magic on Keys is Andrea Atzori. Moving the Earth with the Power of the Bass is Nicola Piras. Sailing the ship that is Tales and Legends on Drums Is Michele Sana. Belting out the Tales with the poerful Vocals is Patrick J Selleby. What a Voice. 'Epic Ride Of Horus' is taken from Tales And Legends up and Comming Album 'Struggle Of The Gods' Out Soon.

Vocals...Patrick J Selleby

Guitar...Carlo Figus

Bass...Nicola Piras

Keys...Andrea Atzori

Drums...Michele Sana


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