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The Juniper Constellation are a Progressive Rock Band who hail from Germany. They have released a New Video and Single 'The Dark Knight' Taken from their Album 'Fall' Here are some of the standout tracks from the Album. 'I Wanna Love' This track will have you Boogying along. Catchy Groovy tune. 'Where's My Mama' Wow What a tune. 'Dance Of Darkness' is a Hard hitting Instrumental track that shows off these guys talents. 'Warrior Of Light' & 'Indian Evening Summer Sun' wouldn't be out of place on a west end show. The New Single 'The Dark Knight' just comes at you Rockin the Earth. What a pleasure to the ears. What a journey of a Album. Something for everyone.

Vocals...Patrick Suhl

Guitar...Joannes Weik

Bass...Lars Lehnann

Guitar...Tobias Quindel

Keys...Felix Lopp

Guitar...Stefan Wurz

Drums...Simon Schroder

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