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Rock Trio The Sonic Rootz who hail from Italy. They are a Very Talent Family. Two Brothers ans a Sister. Davide 16, Diego 12 and Amanda 9. They have released their Debut Album 'The Electric Babies Revolution' containing Eleven tracks. Here are some of the stand out tracks. Opening track 'I Don't Wanna Lose You' is a Groovy number. Amazing Vocals from Diego. 'Hey You' Brings out the sweet sound of Soul. 'Wheels Are Turning' will have the feet movin to the Beat of the Drums from Davide. 'Nothing To Lose' WoW that Voice, with the Groove of the Bass from Amanda. They also have two Acoustic Tracks. Amazing Talent.....Must have very proud parents. Excellent Album.

Vocals/Guitar/Piano...Diego Della Martora

Bass...Amanda Della Martora

Drums...Davide Della Martora

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