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Punk/Synth Duo The Vacant Lots who hail from Brooklyn, New York. USA. They have released a New Album 'Closure' Containing Eight tracks. Here are a few of the Standout tune Opener 'Thank You' will get you're Groove on. Bring the moving Synths is Brian McFadyen. 'Eyes Closed' will have you getting the smooch on and singing along with Jared Artaud on Vocals and Guitar. Cool little number. 'Obsession' will have the feet moving and the hands clapping along. 'Chase' Top tune. The Final track 'Burning Bridges' just makes you want to close you eyes amd relax, Soothing tune. What a Duo, What a Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Jared Artaud

Synths/Drums/Bass/Vocals...Brian McFadyen


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