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Thrash Power Metal Band Venus who hail from Athens, Greece. This is two friends who have got together to treat the World to their Guitar shredding skills and sound of the of Metal that our ears Love. They have released their Debut EP 'Project Lamda' containing Four tracks 'Art Of Illusion' is a Pure Riff Fest. 'Helios Abandoned' Soothing Keys turning into a wall of thundering drums take you on a journey of pleasure. Sit back and Enjoy. 'Multilingual Monstrosities' this will have your head twisting and Banging to the Evil Vocals from Giorgos. Final and Title track 'Projest Lamda' Haunting finish that leaves you wanting more....Bring on the Album.

Vocals (Guttural)/Guitar...Giorgos Verginis

Guitar/Vocals (Clean)...Antonis Avtzis


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