Heavy Metal Band Viking Queen who hail from Norway. They have released a Ten track Album 'Hammer Of The Gods' Here are some of the standout tracks. Opener and Title track 'Hammer Of The Gods' What a song to get us under way. Class. 'Empire Of Death' Will have you banging your head to the Thunder of the Drums from Geir Mirnada. Now for some Good Old Fashioned Heavy Metal 'Blood Of The Vikings' Telling the Story of The Vikings is The Viking Queen Herself on Vocals is Marthe Elisabeth. Awesome track. ' Trail Of A Viking' Takes us to a Rock Blues Ballad. Ripping it up with the Awesome Riffs on Guitars is Lasse Bjerken and Robban. 'Going Nowhere Fast' is another track that will have you moving. Backing Singer Tone Elisabeth Johansen and Queen Marthe Wow what a sound. 'Can't Stand The Pain' catchy song. Providing the Vibe of the Bass is TJ. This is one Hell of a Album.

Vocals...Marthe Elisabeth



Guitar...Lasse Bjerken

Drums...Geir Mirnada

Backing Vocals...Tone Elisabeth Johansen

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