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Arcane Saints are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia, They released their debut album 'In The Shade Of The Juniper' in 2015 it consist of 6 tracks. Track 1 'Juniper' nice sooth guitar intro and then Bang in comes the drums,Track 2 'Fools Gold' real rocker from start to finish, Track 3 'Streetlights & Symphonies' this is one hell of a song. it as everything you want and will have you singing along and banging your head. Track 4 'Faith Of The Faithless' some meaty riffs here(where's the mosh pit}. Track 5 'Cellophane Eyes' this is a slower number vocals are great, top song. Track 6 'See You In The Summertime' love the bass on this track, sounds a bit more punk then the rest of the album. So get the roof of the car down and play it loud.

They have recently released a new video for the single 'Black Limousine' so give it a watch and enjoy because it sounds like, they are back.





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