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Here we have 3 friends who got together in 2011 to start a Rock & Roll band. Out of Elgin Illinois USA. The Smoking Revolvers were born and here we have there debut album 'Rubicon'. It contains 6 Rocking tunes. Track 1 starts off with a riff that sounds like 'Four Kicks' (Kings Of Leon) and it's called 'Trouble In The Arms Of Your Man' very catchy song. Great vocals and Guitar from Virgilio Gamero. Track 2 is a softer indie tune 'Thick As Thieves' Great beat on the drums from Jonathan Lyons and steady Bass from Andy Evers. Track 3 again starts off with a familiar riff 'Day Tripper' (The Beatles) 'I Ain't Worth Saving' yet again great rock vibe. Track 4 'Robot' is the longest song on the album coming in just over 6 minutes. one to get the crowd swaying. Track 5 'Ghost Decay' get them heads banging (this guys got some pipes on him) and to the last song on this enjoyable trip 'Rubicon'.......BANG.......The Smoking Revolvers.

Vocals/Guitar...Virgilio Gamero

Bass...Andy Evers

Drums...Jonathan Lyons

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