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This album was released last year 2016 'Prehistorical' is the 2nd album from Melmak. They consist of two brothers Jonon and Igor Etxebarria who come from Sopelana, Spain. They play Sludge/Doom metal. Their two previous releases 'The Only Vision Of All Gods' was the debut album in 2014, Followed by a EP 'Pig Songs' in 2015. The new album 'Prehistorical' as 7 seven tracks, It comes across very dark, with a loud noise coming from only two guys. 'Pangea' starts with tuned down guitar and whispering and slight beat. Calm before the storm. 'Primitive' comes in at over seven minutes long. Screaming vocals and demon guitar. Their is also a piano Doom track on here 'Megalodon' and one to warm you from the frost 'Bonfire' some great Guitar here from Jonon and Awesome Drumming from Igor (this as got to be my favourite) . This is one pure Doom album, Roll on the next one.

Vocals/Guitar...Igor Etxebarria

Drums/Vocals...Jonon Etxebarria

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