Time for some Prog Rock from Victim Of Illusion who hail from Torino, Italy. They released their Second album. 'Invisible Light' their earlier releases were an Ep 'What Senses Blow Away(2011) and then the first album 'Oxideyes'(2014). The new album 'Invisible Light' as eight tracks to enjoy, First up we have over seven epic minutes of pure Prog with 'A New Beginning' with some gentle string work on Guitar from Piero Giaccone who also does the Synth/ Programming. Sit back and enjoy the journey. Here's another great song 'Before My Eyes' with this track you can just lay back and float away with the amazing music. On Bass we have Luca Imerito. 'Hollow Man' is such a groovy track with vocals coming from Paolo Gurlino. The final track of beautiful album is 'The Wayfarer' Prog how it should be. Now for the next journey.

Vocals...Paolo Gurlino

Bass...Luca Imerito

Guitar/Synth...Piero Giaccone

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