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Here we have a Metal band from Denver, Colorado,USA. Scarlet Canary have released a six track Ep. Beating it's way to us first is ' I'll Be Ok' with some fierce drumming coming from Marcus McGowan. Up next is 'Antidote' this is a real head banger of a song, with the awesome vocals of Hannah Maddox. 'Spectral' what a song, Some great great guitar here from Allen Maddox. Then we have 'Misery' them Riffs just keep coming. 'Amor' is the longest track on offer at over four minutes with Marcos Gonzales pulling the strings on Bass. We come to the final track of a rather loud metal fest with 'Don't Be Afraid' this will have you punching the air with your fist, So don't be afraid to join in and sing along. Really enjoyable Ep.

Vocals...Hannah Maddox

Guitar...Allen Maddox

Bass...Marcos Gonzales

Drums...Marcus McGowan

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