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Kezia are a prog band from Brescia, Italy. They released the album 'The Dirty Affair' in 2015, it consist eight tracks. First up we have 'Before I Leave' this as everything you want from a prog band. The awesome Vocals coming from Pierlorenzo Molinari. Next up we have 'Ebola' really enjoyable track with a touch of Jazz in there. The riff master on Guitar is Antonio Manenti. then comes my favourite track 'The Dirty Affair' (Between Pelican and Bear) I just love this song. on Keys we have Alberto Armanini. Another outstanding track is 'Barabba Son's Song' keeping the beat on Drums is Michele Longhena. Up comes ' Quendo' sit back relax and enjoy. Pulling the strings on Bass is Fabio Bellini. The last track on the album is 'Treesome'. This is one top album,time for another i think. Kezia just Brilliant.

Vocals...Pierlorenzo Molinari

Guitar...Antonio Manenti

Bass...Fabio Bellini

Keys... Alberto Armanini

Drums...Michele Longhena

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