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We are going to have look back to 2011. Falling Red are a Rock band from Carlisle, England. They released a four track Ep called 'Hasta La Victoria Siempre' That went down so well, they are now selling their last copies, So if you don't own this classic little Ep...What you waiting for go get it. First track is 'Come On Down' a great crowd favourite, be sure to look up the video .On Vocals we have Andrew 'Rozey'Roze who also plays Guitar, 'My Little Vice' is next up with some fine riffs from Shane Kirk on Guitar. Get them heads banging. then comes 'The Last Kiss Goodbye' Nice little Ballad, On Bass pulling the strings is Matty Penn. This is one hell of a song. Last track on offer is 'If Your Ain't Down With The Rock' one for the crowd, Sing along and don't be shy...If not you can Fuck right off. Some monster drums on here from Dave Sanders. Great little Ep, Not Got It, Get It.


Drums...Dave Sanders

Guitar...Shane Kirk

Bass...Matty Penn

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