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Aerodyne are a four piece Rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. they have released a hard hitting album 'Breaking Free' it consist of ten tracks. It kicks off with 'As Above, So Below' this will have you head banging from the first beat, some awesome riffage from Johan Bergman on Guitar. Up next is 'Comin, For You' They have released a video for this track, so be sure to check it out. on Vocals and Guitar is Daniel Almqvist. What a voice. If your a lover of the high pitched screams there is plenty on this album. Here is a sure crowd anthem in 'Areodynamic' Get them fist in the air and get Rockin. Keeping the beat on Drums is Christoffer Almqvist. They even have a cool driving tune in 'Pedal To The Floor' windows down and blast out loud. Pulling the strings on Bass is Timmy Kan. 'Setting Hell On Fire' will have your head nodding in approval and singing along. The album finishes up with 'Back To Back' Cool Riffs,Drums and Vocals, Well thats a few of my favourites your tun to check these guys out. Awesome album.

Vocals/Guitar...Daniel Almqvist

Bass...Timmy Kan

Guitar...Johan Bergman

Drums...Christoffer Almqvist

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