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Iron Fist are a Metal band from Lecce, Italy. They have just released the Album 'Catharsis' It contains nine tracks. It opens up with a great instrumental 'Una Notte Sul Montecalvo' Some Awesome Guitar work here from Massimo Panico and Alessandro Cossa who also sings Vocals.. Time to pick some of the outstanding tracks. 'Preacher Of Desperate' Some great solo's here and pulling the string on Bass is Francesco Ciriolo. 'Malleus Maleficarum' is one hell of a track, Has got to be my favorite. The Thunderous Drums come from Emanuele De Nuzzo. ' Hunting For Witches' Is another great track. This is a solid Metal album.

Vocals/Guitar...Alessandro Cossa

Drums...Emanuele De Nuzzo

Bass...Francesco Ciriolo

Guitar...Massimo Panico

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