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Time for some Progressive Metal from Washington DC,USA. Master Sword have released a ten track album 'Shadow And Steel'. Now this as you stuck from the word go,with the Awesome vocals of Lily Hoy. The first track is 'Behind The Mirror' What a start. Then comes 'Let Me Show You The Night' now this is an amazing song, Some great guitar work on here from Corey Garst and Matt Farkas who also plays keys. Be sure to check the video for this track. Now to pick some more great songs for you. 'Kiss Of The Flame' is another fine track with some fine beats coming from Andy Stark on Drums. 'Beneath The Skin' is a perfect Progressive track at over eight minutes and a real musical treat,Plucking the strings on Bass is Shawn Staub. Wow 'Isle Of The Sky Spirts' as to be my favorite, Belting tune. Now i love a good Instrumental and so here we have one in 'Hyrule Field' just Amazing. They just keep coming this album is Pure Class.

Vocals...Lily Hoy

Guitar...Corey Garst

Bass...Shawn Staub

Drums...Andy Stark

Guitar/Keys...Matt Farkas

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