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Here we have some Rock from Crypt Trip who hail from San Marcos,Texas,USA. They have released a eight track album. First up is 'Heartslave' A real treat, sit back and get them feet tapping. Some great Guitar from Ryan Lee who also sings Vocals. 'Aquarena Daydream' is a ear pleasing six minutes long. The man pulling the strings on Bass is Sam Bryant. Another six minute epic is 'Natural Child' Groovy as fuck. Then comes a boneshaker of a tune 'Tears of Gaia' starting things off with a cool little Drum solo is Cameron Martin. Some real tasty Guitar work on here. The last track on offer here is 'Soul Games' love this one, Got to be my favorite. Excellent album.

Vocals/Guitar...Ryan Lee

Bass...Sam Bryant

Drums/Vocals...Cameron Martin

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