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Rock Band Blue Jinns hail from Leeds, England. They have released a heavy hitting Debut Album 'Sonic Viagra' containing Eight tracks. Now for the standout tracks. Setting things off is 'The Triangle' with the groovy Riffs coming from Dale Tomlinson. Be sure to give the video a view. 'Love Pocket' is a Rockin tune. Keeping the beat on Drums is Jaime D. 'Don't Bleed In My Ambulance' will sure have your head going. Vocals coming from Kevin McGonnell who also plays Guitar. Then we get what has to be my favourite track 'Nunchuck Strut' Pulling the strings on Bass is Adam O'Grady-Marshall. Then last up we have 'Skulldozer' a foot stomper of a tune. This is one Hell of a groovy Rocking Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Kevin McGonnell

Bass...Adam O'Grady-Marshall

Guitar...Dale Tomlinson

Drums... Jaime D

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