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White Raven Down are a Hard Rock Band from Southend -on-Sea, England. They have released their Debut EP 'Conspiracy' They hit you right from the off with Thunderous sound 'Broken Door' is ripped off the hinges, With the Riffs coming from Stu Bailey on Guitar. Up next is 'Take Me' this will have you singing along, Be sure to check out the video for this track. 'Not Alone' sets off like a Battering Ram, Thumping the strings of the Bass is Luke Chappell. 'Silence' Great number and great Vocals from Will Taylor. Top song. Then we get some 'Salvation' with Tomas Mrazek beating the Drums till they bleed. They have also released a video for this track. There is also two Bonus Tracks here Radio Edits 'Take Me' and 'Salvation' What a Debut, What a Band.

Vocals...Will Taylor

Guitar... Stu Bailey

Bass...Luke Chappell

Drums...Tomas Mrazek

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