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Metal time now with Hourswill who hail from Lisbon, Portugal. They have released a Eight track Album 'Harmful Embrace' Some Awesome Guitar here from the twin attack from Rodrigo Louraco and Jose Bonito. Some of the outstanding tracks are 'Blinding Light' This will have you punching the air with every beat of the Drum. The man sailing the ship that is Hourswill on Drums is Nuno Peixoto. Up next is 'Mass Insanity' Air Guitar Heaven. Feel the vibe of the Bassman Pedro Costa. They have also released a video for this track. 'Everyday Sage' is a Epic Nine minutes long. This is sure to have you singing along with Leonel Silva. This guy has some pipes on him.'Social Disease' is another Awesome track. Then come my Favourite 'At Harms Embrace' This is just one of them songs that sticks in your mind. You will find yourself singing along and even singing it when it's all over. The Riffs and the Beat will just have you Hypnotized. The final track is 'Abyss Syndrome' The Haunting sound of Hourswill. This is one Hell of a release, Heavy Album, Heavy Metal.

Vocals...Leonel Silva

Guitar...Jose Benito

Bass...Pedro Costa

Guitar...Rodrigo Louraco

Drums...Nuno Peixoto

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