Time for some Progressive Rock from Sunchild who hail from Kharkiv,Russia. Now this is very tasty. An Eight Track Album 'Messages From Afar: The Division And Illusion Of Time' Every track on here is Amazing. So here's a few outstanding tracks. Opening things up is 'Searching Diamonds' Main Man Antony Kalugin with the Awesome Vocals and Out of this world playing of the Keys. 'Grail And Time' Brings in the wonderful singing voices of Victoriia Osmachko,Nakita Osmachko,Olga Vodolazhska and Olha Rostovska who also plays Keys. '60 Degrees To The 70s' Gives us the chance to hear the man on Guitar Max Velychko and his fellow string man on Bass Oleg Prokhorov. Now for the joyous 'The Division And Illusion Of Time' Then comes the Epic 'Victory Voyager' at over Twenty Minutes of pleasurable Music and Vocals. Some Awesome Drumming from Kostya Shepelenko here. The end is upon us and no better way to finish things than a Instrumental Track 'Father' Pure Class. This Album as a whole is a piece of Art.

Vocals/Keys...Antony Kalugin

Guitar...Max Velychko

Bass...Oleg Prokhorov

Drums...Kostya Shepelenko

Vocals...Victoriia Osmachko

Vocals...Nakita Osmachko

Vocals...Olga Vodolazhska

Keys/Vocals...Olha Rostovska

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