We take a look at Long Day Living who hail from Ayr,Scotland. They are looking to get back on track after a accident to Vocalist and Guitarist Kenny Thorn. In which Kenny was in a near death experience with a pain of glass and damaged his nerves in his arm. We happened to catch Kenny and Bass Man Stevie McLean at a Acoustic Night in The Twa Dugs Ayr. So to be able to see Kenny play again after his accident was amazing. Was great to have a chat with the Guys and have a good look at Stevie's custom made Five string Bass. Now to there Music. They have Two tracks recorded to note. First up is 'Inevitable' This is a catchy tune that will have you singing along and tapping your feet with every beat from Ken Yip on Drums. 'No Soon Here Than Gone' Yet another tasty tune. Looking forward to the new music and seeing these guys on the road again. All the Best Guys.

Vocals/Guitar...Kenny Thorn

Bass...Stevie McLean

Drums...Ken Yip

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