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Alt Rock Band Xerona Mistress who hail fron Roveniemi, Finland. Have released a Eight track Album 'The Downward Spiral' Opening things up is the title track 'The Downward Spiral' This as a Punk attitude about it, The man with the Vocals and on Guitar is Joel Mantyranta. 'Sexual Anorexia' will have them feet going, The man making the skins bleed, on Drums is Joni Jarlstrom. 'In A Dreamland' and 'Arson Of Eden' come across as Psycobilly/Rockabilly sound, Some cool stuff here. Then to my favourite track 'Will We Ever Play( In A Lucky Monkeys)' this is one Groovy number. The Final track is 'Can I Live In Your Eggroom' Another cool track on Bass we have Ville-Veikko Kangas. This is one enjoyable Album. We need more.

Vocals/Guitar...Joel Mantyranta

Bass...Ville-Veikko Kangas

Drums...Joni Jarlstrom

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