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Metal time with Swine Of Dissent who hail from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. They have released a Six track EP 'Swine Of Dissent' First up is 'The Passing' Fucking Awesome stuff. Riffs that blow your mind, The twin Guitar attack coming from Jimmy Scott and Ryan Lehman. 'Ascension' is just a neck snapper of a tune. 'Dystopian Ballad' Class with some serious Hammering of the Drums from Justin Tuft. 'With Serpent Tongue' comes Slithering up next. On the pulsing Bass we have Brock Howerton. 'Star Of Kolob' comes racing out the tracks, Then we get the final track 'Run With The Pigs' The man with the Dreaded Tonge on Vocals is Miles Collins, What a frontman, This is one Hell of a Fucking Release.

Vocals...Miles Collins

Guitar...Jimmy Scott

Bass...Brock Howerton

Drums...Justin Tuft

Guitar...Ryan Lehman

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