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The Maension are a Rock Band from Hollywood, California, USA. They have released a Ten track Album 'Raevolution' Opening things up is 'Army Of The People' This will have you marching to every Beat. Then comes 'Say It' with the Awesome opening coming from the Beautiful Skye Maension on Keytar. Boy can she play. Now to choose some of the Stand out tracks. 'The Engineer' is a heavy Rockin tune, Try to catch these guys on Tour, You won't be sorry. they are Awesome. They have also released a video for 'Imagine Tomorrow' another cool song and Video. The man with the Voice is Mark Maension who also play Guitar. 'Master/Slave' is another Rockin tune. 'Happy' is a cool little number. 'High' as some Great Guitar solo's. The final track is 'One Way Ticket To Mars' after hearing this album, We will have to make them buy a return ticket. Fucking out of this World.

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