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Heronimus Fin are a Rock Band from Birmingham, England. They have released a Seven track Album ' The Pharmacist' Starting things off is the title track 'The Pharmacist' this is one pill that will make you sit up and take notice. The man on vocals is Jon Buxton who also plays Guitar. 'Road To Jazz' is next to Rock up. The Beat master on Drums is Ashley Buxton. You ready to Rock cause here is '43rd November' Bringing the pulse of the Bass is Andy Cooke. Time for my favourite 'Another Sun' cool tune. On Guitar we have Colin Edwards. 'Eyes Of The Fox' This will have the feet going. On Drums here is Terry Boazman. Time for a bit of Prog Rock 'Riding The Great Fantastic' Bringing the song to life is Jez Nutbean on Keys and Vocals. Great track. This will have you singing along. Now for the final track at over Ten Minutes is 'Shiver' with some great shredding, What a way to finish, What a Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Jon Buxton

Bass...Andy Cooke

Drums...Ashley Buxton

Guitar...Colin Edwards

Keys/Vocals...Jez Nutbean

Drums...Terry Boazman

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