Time for some Instrumental Stoner Rock from Atomic Vulture who hail from Brugge, Belgium. They have released a Five track EP 'Stone Of The Fifth Sun' Opening things up is 'Jaguar' This comes straight at you with the driving Riffs from Pascal David on Guitar. Soon as this passes you feel the 'Wind' and the Pulse of the Bass from Kris Hoornaert. This is one Haunting tune. Then come's 'Rain' now this track as Vocals with guest singer Henk Vanee. Great track, Great vocals. Now for some 'Water' with the sound of SpaceRock upon us. Ripping the skins on Drums is Jens Van Hollebeke. The final track is 'Earthquake' another gem. This release will shake your world.

Guitar...Pascal David

Bass...Kris Hoornaert

Drums...Jens Van Hollebeke


Vocals...Henk Vanee

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