Second To Sun are a Metal Band who hail from Saint Petersburg, Russia. They have released a Nine track Album 'The Walk' it as some really hardhitting tracks, So heres a few of the outstanding ones. Opening things up is 'We Are Not Alone' with the brutal screams coming from Gleb Sysoev on Vocals. Then we get the Haunting 'Black Lines' Bringing the fine Riffs on Guitar is Vladimir Lehtinen who also pulls the strings on Bass. 'Home' is music to the Bleeding ears. 'The Train 1702' will go straight through you and take your soul. Beating the Drums till they bleed is Fedor Borovsky. 'The Owls' is another epic track coming in at over Seven minutes. 'The New World Order' is a fantastic journey. This is a trip to Hell and Back, What a Joy of a Album.

Vocals...Gleb Sysoev

Guitar/Bass...Vladimir Lehtinen

Drums...Fedor Borovsky

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