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Now time for some Good old fashion Rock 'n' Roll from Turbo Vixen who hail from Vancouver, Canada. They have released one Hell of a Fine Album 'Drive Into The Night' consisting of Ten tracks. Turbo Vixen are a Two man Machine JJ Rowlands on Guitar and Aaron Bell on Drums. They have a little help here from a few friends. So setting the way is 'Thunder And Lighting' Some mighty fine Riffage here. Vocals are out of this world, What a voice Dan Cleary has. Then comes 'No Mercy' If we are treated to music like this everytime Bring it on. This is one Awesome track, Rocking the Sax here is Jerry Cook. Oh yes. ' Hard Love 'N' You' This will have you punching the air. Pulling the Strings on Bass is Darryl McDonald. The it's to the 'Cat House' Love it, Pure Rock'n' Roll. 'Hit Back (Refuse To Lose) this just hits you with the revving Riffs. 'All My Love' some great slide Guitar here. Blusey class, On Harmonica Harpdog Brown. 'She's Got The Touch' and 'Straight Out Of Hell' will have your head going. 'Down The Hatch' Fast and very Heavy the way it should be. Top Notch Rock 'n' Roll. Sadly we come to the end, The title track 'Drive Into The Night' Put your foot down and Turn it up Loud. Fuck, Fuck, Fucking Class Album.

Guitar...JJ Rowlands

Drums...Aaron Bell


Vocals...Dan Cleary

Bass...Darryl McDonald

Harmonica...Harpdog Brown

Saxaphone...Jerry Cook

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