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Time for some Progressive Metal from Weaponex who hail from Buffalo, New York, USA. They have released a Six track EP 'In The Nick Of Time'. Starting things off is 'The Aberration' What a opener, Some great Riffs from Mike Willard on Guitar who also provides Vocals. Then comes a nice Latino instumental 'Justo A Tiempo' Then we get the title track 'In The Nick Of Time' this is a hard hitting track, Beating the skins on Drums is Larry Steele. Real Riff Fest. Then we get 'Middle-Side Top-Wise' this is a real Progressive treat, Pulling the strings on Bass is Dan Behrens. Awesome track. 'Wrath Of The Manticore (Duggah Duh) Instrumental Class With Guest Appearance on Guitar from Kevin Bartosiewicz.. Then comes the final track a cover of the Deep Purple Classic 'Highway Star' and what a cover. What a great release. More Needed.

Vocas/Guitar...Mike Willard

Bass...Dan Behrens

Drums...Larry Steele

Guest Guitar...Kevin Bartosiewicz

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