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Pink Fireball are a Rock Band from Paris, France. They have released a Seven track Album 'Strange Voices' Starting things off is 'Turn Around' This will have you Rocking away and singing along with Thomas Nowak on Vocals and Guitar. Next up is 'Cool Rider Crunch' Some great Riffs here from Frederic Benne on Guitar. 'Eva Green' and 'Red Fowers' bring in the Groove, Keeping the Beat on Drums is Thibault Vincent. Time to slow things down a bit with 'On This Shelf' cool foot tapper of a song. 'First Class' Now this is a Cool Rockin Number. Time as come to an End 'Strange Voices' Keeping the Vibe with the pulse of the Bass is Nacim Virieux. This as been one enjoyable listen. Great Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Thomas Nowak

Bass...Nacim Virieux

Drums...Thibault Vincent

Guitar...Frederic Benne

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