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Progressive Metal from North Of South who hail from Leon, Spain. North of South is a Project of one man, And that man is Chechu Nos. He plays everything and Vocals aswell, With a little help from Maria G Beberide on Backing Vocals. The Album 'New Latitudes' consist of Nine tracks so heres a few of the standout tracks, Opening things up is 'The Human Equation' The Noise of Keys,Drums and amazing Riffs hits you and in the middle we get some cool Flamenco Guitar. Wow strap yourself in for a rollercoaster of a ride. 'Nobody Knows' is up next. Making music like this and i think quiet a few will know about North of South. Catchy tune will soon have you singing along. 'Balance Paradox' if you like your Keys you will enjoy this one. 'Crystal Waters' Is a cool Instrumental track with some funky Bass. 'There's No Glamour In Death' This track show's Chechu Guitar skills are top notch. 'Faith Is Not Hope' Great track. The end is upon us now with 'Montreux' A bit of everything here Jazz, Funk and Amazing Keys and Guitar. One Man's Work, A Thousand peoples Pleasure.....The Wonder of Great Music.

Vocals/ Instuments...Chechu Nos

Guest Backing Vocals...Maria G Beberide

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