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Heavy Metal time now with One Last Legacy who come from Rheinessen, Germany. They have released a Eight track Album 'll'. Setting things off is Our Lords Prayer Rocked up 'Incoming' Really like what they have done here. Then comes 'Torn' Get that Fucking head Banging, On Vocals Tobias Riock a man with a fierce scream. Then comes 'Resurrection' a real Riff Fest with the twin Guitar attack from Chris Szechowski and Tim Sauer. Now for some of the standout tracks. 'Release The Kracken' Come's straight at you, Hammering the Drums is Silas Schue. Ballad time now with 'Private Hell' Great track. Pulling the strings on Bass is Thomas Losch. Then comes the End 'Collapse' This track will rip your heart out and stamp all over your corpse. What a treat for the ears. Cool Release.

Vocals...Tobias Riock

Guitar...Chris Szechowski

Bass...Thomas Losch

Drums...Silas Schue

Guitar...Tim Sauer

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