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Anthem Grief are a Punk Band from Philiadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Anthem Grief consist of two guys. They have released a EP 'Defense Mechanisms' containing Five tracks. Opening things up is 'Game,Set, Match,Gas' Cool tune will have you jumping around the house, Play it loud. 'Capitol Minds' Will have you singing along, Man with the Beat on Drums is Gee Lima who also brings the Riffs on Guitar. Anthem time now. This will get the crowd joining in. 'My Life In a Restraint' Pullling the strings on Bass is John Merlino who also provides Vocals. They have also released a video for this track, So check it out. 'Running Of The Bull' Get that Fucking head Banging, Great Track. The end is here with 'Hands the size of Stingrays' Riffs, Beat and Attitude. Awesome release, Looking forward to the Album.

Vocals/Bass...John Merlino

Guitar/Drums...Gee Lima

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