Van Dammes are a Punk Rock Band from Helsinki, Finland. They have released a Six track EP 'Risky Business' opening things up is the Title track 'Risky Business' This will have you singing along, Catchy tune. On Vocals we have Marcus Kujawa who also provides Keys. Now for my favorite track 'I Don't Like Music Any More' Awesome. Iikka Hilden pulling the strings on Bass. 'Spaceship' this will have you jumping about and going wild. '100 M' Some fast and furious Riffs here from Juho Talja on guitar and Vocals. 'Grand Slam Season' Mosh pit now open. The final track on Offer is 'Tax Free World' Another great track, Bringing the beat on Drums Is Jussi Roine. Top Release. More Needed.

Vocals/Guitar...Juho Talja

Bass...Iikka Hilden

Keys/Vocals...Marcus Kujawa

Drums...Jussi Roine

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