Time to Rock out to some Sludge with The Moth Gatherer who hail from Stockholm, Sweden. They have released a Five track Album 'Esoteric Oppression' Starting things off is 'The Drone Kingdom' This track comes in at just over Nine minutes, With the relaxing sound and then you get Victor Wegeborn on Vocals screaming to the heavens, Victor also brings the Riffs on Guitar. Then we get 'Motionless In Oceania' Sailing the ship that is The Moth Gatherer on Drums is Svante Karlsson. 'Utopia' This will have you moving to the Vibration of the Bass from Dan Hemgren. 'The Failure Design' will have you floating around trying to catch the musical notes from the Guitar of Ronny Westphal. Now we reach the end with 'Phosphorescent Blight' This is a Eleven Minute Epic, And just goes to show what talent these guys have. Awesome Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Victor Wegeborn

Bass...Dan Hemgren

Guitar...Ronny Westphal

Drums...Svante Karlsson

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