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Ann My Dice are a Metal Band from Rotterdam, Holland. They have released a Three track EP 'Thorn' First track 'Through The Rain' This will have you banging your head to the Awesome Riffs from Ian Izeboud on Guitar. Then we get 'Whisper In The Dark' Bringing the Power of the Bass is Jorn De Kleine. and bringing the Thunder of the Drums is Tim Van Vilet. Top Tune. The last track is Seven minute Epic 'Taylor, Write My Name' This will have you ripping the flesh from your face, Telling you the way it is, with the Brutal Vocals is Nils Stik who also brings the Riffs on Guitar. Cool Heavy Release. More needed.

Vocals/Guitar...Nils Stok

Bass...Jorn De Kleine

Guitar...Ian Izeboud

Drums...Tim Van Vilet

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