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Time for some Heavy Metal from Scala Mercalli who hail from Ferno, Italy. They have released a Eleven track Album 'Independence' Opening things up is 'The Crossing Of The Sea' (From Quarto To Marsala) This is a cool Instrumental piece. 'The 1000' (Calatafimi Battle) come galloping at you. Beating the Battle Drums is Sergio Ciccoli. 'Honest Brigands' this will have you chanting along and raising your fist. Ready for Battle and in full force we have the twin Attack of the Axemen on Guitars are Clemente Cattalani and Cristiano Cellini. 'Be Strong' This is a hard hitting tune leading the troops to Independence is Christian Bartolacci on Vocals. 'The Last Defence' (Gianicolo 1849) This is a Awesome track, Some Killer Riffs. 'Never Surrender' Air Guitar Heaven. Pulling the strings on Bass is Giusy Bettei. 'Tolentino 1815' Just a perfect.tune. 'White Death' You will find yourself singing along and beating your chest. To the battering Drums and shredding guitars. 'Whisper Of The Night' another Great tune. 'Anita' (Anita Garibaldi) Another Awesome tune. What a work of Art, The last track is a Metal version of The Italian National Anthem 'Fratelli d'Italia With a little help from Corale Angeli Choir. This is a must have Album.

Vocals...Christian Bartolacci

Guitar...Clemente Cattalani

Bass...Giusy Bettei

Guitar...Christiano Cellini

Drums...Sergio Ciccoli

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