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Rock Band Shadow Of Everest who hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Have released a Eight track Album 'The Hunting Ground' Starting off we have a short Instrumental 'Umm Al-Maa' Then comes 'Fifty Four' Top tune sure to have you tapping your feet to every beat of the Drum from Matt Burton. Then we get the excellent 'The Hunting Ground' Ripping the Riffs up on Guitar is Andrew Welsman. Time to slow things down with 'We are Wrong' and then Rock out to 'Castle In The Sky' Bringing the almighty pulse of the Bass is Shaun Cowell. 'Dark Spiral' will have your head spinning as well as Banging. Then comes the 'Ravenman' himself on Vocals and Guitar is Jonathan Vriend. The end as arrived 'The River' Awesome finish to a cool Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Jonathan Vriend

Guitar...Andrew Welsman

Bass...Shaun Cowell

Drums...Matt Burton

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