Phil Vincent is a Rock multi Instrumentalist who hails from Rhode Island, USA. He as just released a Twelve track solo Album 'Hypocrite' Here's some of the standout tracks. Opener 'Broken' will have you reaching for the Air Guitar. 'Nobody's Gonna Miss You' Bringing the head banging beats on Drums is Dirk Phillips. Great Track. 'Long Way Down' is one of them tracks you will find yourself singing along too.Also helping to bring the Excellent Riffs are Vince O'Regan and Peter Cox. 'Prima Donna' will have you Rockin in the aisles. 'Never Enough' Funky as fuck Phil shows his skills with the Synthesizer. Awesome sound. The Final track and Title track 'Hypocrite' is one Hell of a Heavy tune.This will have you screaming out loud and raising them Heavy Horns. This is a mix of every Rock Gender out there something for everyone. Awesome Album.

Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Piano/Synth...Phil Vincent


Guitar...Peter Cox

Drums...Dirk Phillips

Guitar...Vince O'Regan

Acoustic Guitar...David Zychek

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