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Kartzarot are a Rock Band from Bilbao, Spain. They have released a Seven track Album 'L'. All tracks are sang in their native tongue of Basque. Opening track 'Lehertzeko Zorian' (To Burst On The Verge) Cool track, The man with the power and the passion on Vocals is Asier Vicario. 'Ametsak Izoztu' (Dreams Freeze) Some cool Riffage here from Javier Gallego and Roberto Mellid on Guitars. Time to get Heavy now with 'Gure Heroiak' (Our Heroes) This is a terrific Goal. This will have you HeadBanging the Ball into the back of the net. 'Ohosttuyako Oroitzapenak' (Accustomed Memories) Another great track sure to have you moving. Pulling the strings on Bass is Txetxi Robredo. Now it's time for a Ballad 'Lezama' Beautiful song. 'Erasorik (Attack) sure to have the head going. Bringing the beats on Drums is Jorge Cobelo. The last to arrive is 'Train' This just comes a Chugging right at you Awesome tune. This Album may be sang in a different language, But it sure does let the Music talk to you. Brilliant Release.

Vocals...Asier Vicario

Guitar...Javier Gallego

Bass...Txetxi Robredo

Guitar...Roberto Mellid

Drums...Jorge Cobelo

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