Time for some Progressive Stoner Rock from Antarticus who hail from Whitehorse Yukon Territory, Canada. They have released a Three track EP 'The Frozen Horror' Starting things off is the Title track 'The Frozen Horror' The Haunting sound sends shivers down the spine, but the Hammering of the Drums from Dustin Parsons soon has you heart racing. Then comes 'Refuge' With the roaring Riffs from Addam Parsons. The Final track comes in at over Nine minutes 'Thaw' Defrosting the Power of the Keys and pulling the strings on Bass is Mack Smith who also provides the Vocals. This is a release of pure Power. A great way to shove the wickedness of the day away.

Guitar...Addam Parsons

Vocals/Bass/Synthesizers...Mack Smith

Drums...Dustin Parsons

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