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Rock Band Superseed who hail from Bristol, England. They have released their Debut Album 'Superseed' Containing Sixteen Tracks. First up Is 'My Time Is Now' They have also released a video for this track, see how their Music can have you Hypnotized. A little like Guitar and Vocalist (Former Page 7 The Sun Model). David Edgar. Here are some of the standout tracks 'Static' This Is sure to rub off on you. The Three Guitars bring the magic of the Riff. On Guitar and Vocals aswell as D Edgar is Ben Taylor and Dan Armson. 'Interference' is not one of them things that will get in your way of Rockin out. Keeping the beat on Drums is Matt Colley. 'Someone Broke It' is one of them songs you just have to join in on. Great Track. 'Quicksand' will have you stamping your feet. 'Turn The Screw' and 'Country Mile' will have you shaking your tush. 'You Failed' Briniging the Viberating Bass is Keith Bowers. Time for a good singalong with 'This Is The Way To Go' Cool tune. 'Already Done' will have you dancing round the whole house. Then comes the Awesome 'No Ones Getting Out Of Here Alive' The final track 'Let Yourself Go' is what these guys want you to do throughout the whole Album.

I did manage to catch these Live. Entertaining and Funny Sure to have Fun...Great Album.

Vocals/Guitar...David Edgar

Guitar/Vocals...Ben Taylor

Guitar/Vocals...Dan Armson

Bass...Keith Bowers

Drums...Matt Colley

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