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Hardcore Metal Band The Last Martyr who hail from Melbourne, Australia. Have released their Debut EP 'Creatrix' containing Five tracks. First up is 'Into The Black' Monica Strut on Vocals gaves the best of both worlds with the Angel Vs Demon Vocals. Awesome stuff. 'Stay Awake' will have you nodding your head not nodding off. 'Fear' could well be a crowd favourite. Pulling the strings on Bass is Matthew Mumford. 'Echoes' Brings the double Guitar attack from Ben Rogers and Travis Presley. Another cracker of a tune. Last in Line is the Title track 'Creatrix' Get the Mosh Pit started. The man beating the skins till they Bleed is Vin Krishnan on Drums. Bring on the Album.

Vocals...Monica Strut

Guitar...Ben Rogers

Bass...Matthew Mumford

Guitar...Travis Presley

Drums...Vin Krishnan

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