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Now for some Stoner Rock from On The Sun who hail from Chicago,Illnois,USA. They have released a Six track EP 'Solar Savior' Opening track 'On The Sun' will have you Rockin to the Cool Riffs from Jay Septoski on Guitar. Time for 'Everyone' to get Groovy, Bringing the Vibe of the Bass is Fred Netttnin. 'Fully Krausened' Is Proper foot tapping juice. 'Paper Is The Devil' Bringing a spark for the fire is the man with the Stix on Drums Matt Torossi. 'Mind Eraser' No chance of that with the mighty fine Vocals is Derek Ault. Coming in last is 'Narrow Mind' What a Awesome tune, Time to Rock out. Amazing EP....Bring on The Album.

Vocals...Derek Ault

Guitar...Jay Septoski

Bass...Fred Nettnin

Drums...Matt Torossi

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