Rock Band Hollow Intent who hail from Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Have released a Seven track EP 'Monster' Starting things off is The Title track 'Monster' This is a Cool Instrumental track setting the scene for what's about to come. Up next is 'Burn' with the red hot Riffs coming from Wesley Seven on Guitar. Awesome tune. 'Bipolar' is so so Brutal. 'Shadow Of You' Is a great track cool Riffs and pulsating Vibes from the Bassman Shane Noren. Then comes the 'Parasite' With the Brutal Screams and Hammering of the Drums from Mark Davis. Party Time now 'Welcome To The Dead' Preacher to the dead on Vocals and Guitar is Will Baker. The Final track is 'Normal' This is a Great Acoustic track. This is one Hell of a EP...Bring on the Album.

Vocals/Guitar...Will Baker

Bass...Shane Noren

Guitar...Wesley Seven

Drums...Mark Davis

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